The N-HDC-E1 Cup Component Set is designed to replace older style, thin flange, cup harmonic drive component sets. The N-HDC-E1 is an excellent choice for supporting existing machine designs, production, and support requirements of legacy harmonic drive installations. The E1 dimensions offer drop in replacement for the most common applications without the need for machine modification.
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• Drop In Replacement for Legacy Harmonic Drive Cup Sets

• Avoid Costly Design Changes

• Allows Easy Continued Support of Installed Machine Base

N-HDC-E1 Drawing

N-HDC-E1 Dimensional Chart

Contact us for certified engineering drawings.

N-HDC Torque Specifications

Note: Output Torque ratings are based on an L-10 life of 5000 hours.

Contact NAC Harmonic Drive for information on non-standard ratios and high torque units.

In addition to the standard units shown, NAC offers OEM retrofits and custom designs to meet the needs of existing applications.

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